Websites Have Become Barriers


ebsites used to be a 'Wild West' of the internet, anyone with a bit of html experience could put up a web-page with a few pixelated .gifs and call it a day. Now there is so much to consider like domain privacy, SSL certificates, SEO marketing, media optimization, page load speeds, social media integration and the list goes on. Did we lose you? That's because websites are now an entire industry worth $24 billion in the US alone! We wouldn't exist if not for this shift away from individuals creating grassroots websites to huge web development teams. The issue comes with the organizations/individuals that fall through the cracks. There seems to be a growing disconnect between smaller and larger companies when they turn to web development. Individuals have to settle for free website builders while huge companies hire a set of processionals who spend months building a site from scratch. Why can't a small business or individual have access to those same tools but for a price that doesn't kill their project before it even starts? We asked ourselves the same questions and sorted through all the bells and whistles of website design to come up with a better solution that doesn't oversell, but still delivers.

Website Development Fort Collins

When our founder, Brandon Carver, finished his college career, he entered into the web development industry, having previously worked in software development. He was met with a very inhospitable set of business practices that did not value clients under a certain threshold of budget/profit. This meant that the smaller customer were swept under the rug when website problems arose or were simply denied service upfront. The aforementioned 'gap' between small businesses and larger ones could really be felt as many were turned away despite their website needs, passion for their brand and enthusiastic cooperation. Brandon hated telling potential customers he couldn't help them. Eventually, when Brandon suggested changes which allowed for assistance of small businesses, he was told to do it himself. Nearly 3 years later he is doing just that.

We went into business to provide the same presence and web-tools that large businesses have to everyone. It doesn't matter if an organization is just starting out or the individual customer is looking to for ways to make more of an impact, we provide beautiful websites to dozens of industries in any stage or size. From huge eCommerce storefronts to humble portfolios and single-page business card websites, we have a professional fully custom solution for everyone that never means settling for less or resorting to free templates.

Brandon Carver, Owner of ESO-EXO

No longer is the internet as simple as it was 20 years ago, but that doesn't mean someone just starting out has to resort to Wix or SquareSpace. YUCK! There are still professional web developers, like us, looking to provide their services to everyone at a reasonable price. Don't let the list of website jargon mentioned above prevent you from getting started. Additionally, don't let free templates lure you to invest time and resources into a website you'll find unsatisfying. We hope to be a comfortable middle ground where customer can get the best of both worlds. Simply give us a call for a free consultation and we can help guide you towards the next step in the web development process.