Angeleno Wine Co.

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ngeleno Wine Co. was a referral from Cavaletti who was dealing with ADA compliance issues on their old website. This amazing wine company had excellent branding, but their website was lacking. Moreover, the larger screen sizes of their old website resulted in some cropping issues as well as some blurry images. Fortunately, they had plenty of HD images and even a background video of amazing B-roll! They sent some URLs they liked and we were on our way. The website works best as a single page due to their eCommerce being handled by Vinespring.

The website should always fit the brand. If your storefront and product line outshine your digital presence, it's time for an upgrade so everything has cohesion. Consistence in the quality of an organization across all the channels in which it communicates with clients is very important for longevity or conversion.

Developer Notes:

Amy and Jasper wanted an "urban" feeling website since that is the brand of their wine company. Located in the heart of LA, their winery is dominated by colorful murals and concrete walls. Our design was boxy and masonry-like to convey the urban feel with a ton of color to convey fun energy. We used their B-roll to create an awesome background video for some striking visuals in addition to so many wonderful photos. The mobile version of the website was created to compliment the original design, but to be more streamlined for easier viewing. Lastly, we ensured every photo and piece of content was ADA compliant so they did not run into compliance issues in the future.