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his full eCommerce store not only sells wine for the Cavaletti label, it also gives detailed notes on each bottle, vineyard and the entire process of making wine. Truly one of the first of its kind in Southern California to connect wine drinkers to the farms growing the grapes. Recently, the notoriety of the brand through the website has allowed the opening of a tasting room.

Farm-to-Table? Cavaletti is all about Vine-to-Bottle in this .

Easy to navigate between bottles, easy to sign up for the wine list and easy to find recent articles straight from the farmers and winemakers themselves.

Developer Notes:

Cavaletti Vineyards started as a passion project for their owner, it was our job to make his vision feel larger than life in a professional design. We started with a small eCommerce store before expanding it into a full brand representation website. There are several calls to action including a monthly wine list that links to Mail Chimp. All website payments are processed through Paypal and allow for easy shipping options for customers. The Webflow Editor allows Cavaletti to manage it's stock and fulfill orders with ease. Now Cavaletti Vineyards has expanded into a full brick-and-mortar tasting room with wines that have achieved high rankings in the eyes of California's wine critics.

ESO-EXO has been exceptional to work with. Their design skills, technical expertise, and customer service have been top notch. Our website is an important part of our small business and they have delivered on every aspect.

Patrick Kelley, Owner