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stes Park and Fort Collins CO are a very competitive market for wedding photographers, but with a brand new website showing off happy couples and beautiful scenery, Chris Gentile shouldn't have any problems standing out between his stunning website and accompanying SEO campaign.

Take their breath away and show your audience what they would be missing by using someone else's services.

This website had the added challenge of making it fast despite having over 200 photos! Our team worked hard to ensure the photos loaded quickly and were properly optimized to ensure Chris had high SEO value in the eyes of Google despite so much media content.

Developer Notes:

This website was a standard portfolio website with multiple pages, one specific call to action (contact) and an offsite link. The turnaround for this project was eight weeks. Chris' came to us with a very out of date website that did very little to showcase the most important thing for a wedding photographer, the media. Our approach was ensuring photos came first. From the parallax slider on the homepage to the 100 image gallery on the website, image optimization made up a large part of this build, but it allowed us to keep most loading times below 1.5 seconds. The full version of the gallery contained within the lightbox is the only exception. This site was also fully SEO optimized before launching to ensure the brand was more recognizable in its local area.

Don't let your vision of what your website can be stop you from taking the leap even if it sounds lofty. Chris asked us for a gallery with 100+ photos and we ensured the website had everything he wanted. We ensure there are zero compromises when it comes to web design, only results that make our clients as satisfied as possible.