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Through a networking connection, we were directed to a business owner who had recently started a new venture tailored towards the recent uptick in working from home. Eager to be a part of something ground-breaking, we approached the our potential client with a few ideas taken from our work on Autec. He admired our previous projects and from there the website was born from the ideas of a group of people at Creative Computer Solutions as it would eventually be named. The website serves as a library of rental options for workstation solutions aimed at the artists of the Hollywood area. From graphic designers to those in the movie industry creating 3D animations, the site would have a computer customized to their exact needs. With such a surge in working remote, most people do not have high end computers in their homes. This service allows them to continue to work from home and still be productive on high-end professional machines.

A website with very little competition is not an excuse to cut corners and be frugal with the time/resources spent on design. This project was not only a pioneer in it's brand new industry of workstation rentals, but also sets the bar high for future sites.

The core website remained the same throughout the development process, with the design remaining in place from the very beginning, but the features changed quite often. Thanks in large part due to the diverse group of people involved, we were able to test the UI extensively, long before it reached the public.

Developer Notes:

The first stage of our development process involves our clients sending us the websites they like in both flavor and theme. We wait to program functionality later and try to only focus on aesthetic. For this client, Apple was listed as a website they listed as one of these candidates. Due to their website being artist focus, we explored a previous apple design which has since been integrated into the iPhone brand which is colored gradients and abstract art. The logo for Creative Computer Solutions has a myriad of colors which we then used to create the gradients. We later would remove the backgrounds of all the product images to give a more cohesive look to the library component of the branding.

Our Autec website's recent overhaul served as a blueprint for this website's construction. Much of that website's functionality is mimicked here, but to a much smaller scale. The workstations are easily browsed, using simple live filtering of applications to arrive at the computer with corresponding hardware to support the selected software.

The development team at Eso/Exo did an exceptional job for us. They were able to provide the exact look and feel that we envisioned for our website. They also did an amazing job of adding a very large, complex database with a very User-friendly interface for our customers. The site looks great and we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend them.

Mike DeMucci, VP Sales