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ur lovely client Cavaletti Vineyards was so happy with their website that they recommended us to other vineyards they have met in their local community. One of those fellow winemakers, Elvenstar asked us to create an even simpler version of Cavaletti to sell their single product: a 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. We happily obliged and with the help of their graphic designer came up with a style fit for another equestrian inspired wine brand. Turns out those crazy wine enthusiasts in Ventura County CA also love their horses almost as much as their wine. With this being both eCommerce, but also a single page design, we were able to get it launched in less than 3 weeks!

One product should never discourage anyone from launching their own eCommerce website to sell it. Even with limited products, having full control over your own store should be reason enough to attempt to launch your own online storefront. It allows for future expansion without hesitation.

Developer Notes:

Cavaletti Vineyards was not only the inspiration for the website, but the main reason we were able to build such a beautiful and functional website far below what competitors were charging. After getting approval from the clients, we re-used much of the code we had already written when creating this new website. The design of the site is still fully custom, but the engine powering it is very much a repurposed version of the already highly successful Cavaletti store. Without this huge 'head start' we would have been behind the client's tight time schedule for launch and our proposal would have included a price they could not afford. By relying on our previous work, we now have two wine websites running on the same code, but appearing drastically different to front end users. As we mentioned earlier, the design was based on their current branding, we some added photos, flourishes and input from our team. The result is a clean, modern and professional aesthetic.