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sta McIntyre is a very talented woman who has served as an inspiration for our team. One of our first clients and the owner of My Health Studio, Esta  embarked on the journey of becoming an author. Her new book titled: "Fitness For Women Who Love To Eat And Hate To Move" quickly became an Amazon best-seller and if you've read the book you can see why.

Esta needed a website apart from her fitness studio that could serve as her own brand where customers could learn more about her and the books she has written. To allow potential customers to get better acquainted with East's unique writing style, we implemented a blog which is broken into categories Esta frequently discusses in her books.

Her ability to pivot during a crisis and become an author nearly overnight simply writing about her passions, expertise and career is the reason why Esta remains our entrepreneurial beacon to us all.

Developer Notes:

This website was very seamless due to Esta knowing exactly what she wanted. We simply followed her ideas through to their conclusion. Though the website is set up to feature her latest book, the website can stand on its own between book launches. Between extensive blogging and personal branding potential, the website can draw customers to Esta as an author all on its own. We contributed partially to the creation of the logo used on the website and can claim some responsibility for pushing her to actually make a website rather than relying solely on Amazon to market her and her writings. We believe the latent SEO of this website as well as the continually updated blog section will create longevity not seen out of WordPress and Squarespace sites.

Seamless, terrific and transparent. I always recommend Brandon and his team to my own clients. I'm glad we went with the full website for my book launch, it matches exactly what I had envisioned.

Esta McIntyre, Owner