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itness is not the easiest thing to get people interested in, but Fit Forte Online is pushing for a more inclusive fitness experience through a library of instructional videos designed around rebounders.

A time crunch should not dissuade anyone from pursuing their website goals. Fit Forte is online and their Vimeo channel is already seeing a return on investment.

Photo editing, video editing and graphic design - if the website needs it, we can do it! Fit Forte was faced with a time crunch, but we were able to give them peace-of-mind knowing their website would be completed on time and perform well beyond what they had expected. Included in the project was a Vimeo OTT channel which allows Fit Forte Online to let clients subscribe to a monthly video service where they have access to dozens of videos for all fitness skill levels.

Developer Notes:

This website was a single page business card designed around different sections to highlight aspects of Fit Forte which served as an introduction to the Vimeo channel. The turnaround time for this entire project was set to 4 weeks which did not include added time for video editing. The overall website serves as a subtle call to action as the further the user scrolls to more likely they are to be redirected to an intended link of Fit Forte. These include rebounder affiliate links, the Vimeo channel itself and direction to the studios to sign up for classes. Though tightly packed and small, this single page website can achieve a lot, easily return its investment with product sales and Vimeo subscriptions all while growing the Fit Forte brand to coincide with their BarreForte sister company.

This project had been held up, delayed and was causing me a migraine before I finally got Brandon (ESO-EXO) involved. Thank god because we were able to meet our deadline, make our customers extremely happy and both the channel plus the website looks fantastic.

Nadia Walker, Owner