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it One Fitness has been a client of our for a number of years going all the way back to our WordPress era. He recently checked back in with us to see if we could upgrade his website to our new platform and we were happy to help. The website is fairly straightforward, but has a few hidden features that really make it stand out. We started with upgraded media site-wide, optimized for SEO. The products showcased on the website were expanded and integrated into a CMS collection for easier additions or edits later. Additionally, the new website allows for better more engaging content immediately on the homepage with a stunning gallery. No longer are the best pieces of content hidden from sight. The YouTube channel also became a focus on the new site, which is a huge component of their business.

Even a website that is only 3 years old can become outdated quickly with the everchanging styles and guidelines for Web Design. Fit One Fitness didn't drastically change as a business, but their new website makes it appear as if they are relaunching, which can bring much needed visitors to an existing business.

Developer Notes:

This website did not require much redesign other than a high definition update of media assets. Old pictures were replaced with new ones which we had spent time optimizing and color correcting. Products were converted to CMS collections (databases) to allow for easier maintenance of the website. Galleries were added, videos were added and the overall organization of the site was altered slightly to get customers to their destinations with less confusion. The website also was given a touch more dark colors to make it seem like childish and more professional. This meant toning down their signature orange colors a bit, but we feel as though it displays "fitness" in a more meaningful sense. The banner images are mostly previous client projects to display the amazing custom gym designs Fit One Fitness creates. Finally, we ensured the YouTube channel was properly linked to the site and that videos were more prominent, rather than an afterthought now that the channel has grown substantially.

An absolute breeze to work with. Highly recommend this company for web development.

Matt Ouvrier, Owner