Gold Hawgs Crypto

SO-EXO Web Development was approached with a website idea that included far more than a simple website. With Cryptocurrecy websites, there are many other things involved such as client data capture, document formatting, live chat implementation and wallet software downloads.

Making a complicated industry into a simple clean website that has fantastic UX.

We worked closely with the client to ensure every part of the website, it's documents and the formatting of offsite pages were branded cohesively.

Developer Notes:

This site was very interesting to build and included floating menus, dynamic animations and plenty of easy to follow content. We wanted to design this to be so easy to use for such a complex subject matter that anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency could with little experience. Customers have the ability to pre-order tokens directly from the site using wallet downloads. There's instructions for everything customers will need, but displayed dynamically to make them easier to follow.