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fter shopping around for a long time, a client referred Heritage Home Woodworks based on the previous positive experience they had when we designed their website. Steve Howard, the founder of Heritage Home Woodworks was absolutely floored when we showed him our work and sent him our prices. He was amazed at what we could accomplish, while having reasonable prices compared to others in our industry. We got started right away and created a brilliant website in less than 4 weeks.

Don't be discouraged by Web Developers who charge too much and underdeliver on their website designs, there are still many of us who still take pride in our work while providing websites that will blow you and your customers away. Stop settling for less, we are proof that there is still room for innovation and beautiful web designs for small businesses on a budget.

The main purpose of the website revolved around letting potential customers and website visitors get a taste of what Heritage Home was capable of with a masonry gallery of previous projects. Without direct comparisons of before and after photos, we found it more efficient to just show off the most high definition completed remodels and custom furniture pieces. We added a personal touch through a lengthy about section and a concise services page.

Developer Notes:

The former website of Heritage Home was primarily white and very boring. We incorporated a lot of Marco images of woodworking in action while including greens and browns to convey natural aesthetics. Furthermore, a large gallery was formed after narrowing down and optimizing nearly 500 photos we were sent. Lastly, Steve specifically requested custom animations and before launching the website, we animated nearly every section of the website. The final result was a very eye-pleasing website with smooth animations and a bit of parallax here and there to add diversity to the large chunks of written content.

Marketing Notes:

Heritage Home Woodworks exists in an industry that has not taken note of SEO yet. A simple yet effective campaign centered around written content and optimization of his Google Business Page has already yielded increased traffic and greater interest in his company. We focused on woodworking services like custom cabinetry, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and custom furniture in the Camarillo area. The campaign will be short lived however, because we believe Google Ads will be more beneficial once initial web presence building strategies have been implemented. When Google and the general public give his business legitimacy, Google Ads will lead to move conversions and new customers.

I'm in California where there seems to be more website designers than websites. Finding one who is both honest and professional is more difficult than you can imagine. Brandon is both of these and more. My site is beautiful, artistic and flows organically. I would recommend him highly.

Steve Howard, Founder