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mmersive approached us with a highly interesting project, an eCommerce website which sold event tickets to concerts, shows, behind-the-scenes access and various other exclusive tailored experiences. We were able to work directly with their sales team to ensure the 'funnel' was in place which pushed potential customers towards purchases. Moreover, their amazing design team sat down with us to map out the website and ensure the branding was reflected exactly how their other platforms were presented. The final result is a minimalist, but eye catching design focused on larger than life pictures and small well placed content sections. The homepage also includes a smooth introduction animation which took our developers a few days to get right, but the final result speaks for itself. Keep in mind, this animation was a rough vague idea presented to our team, it was up to us to interpret their vision and make it come to life.

The most amazing aspect of this website is the pure leap of faith the founders took in making it. When we first set out to design this website, they assured us that large artists would start signing contracts with them to sell exclusive meet-and-greets, concert tickets and other experiences for their customers, yet at the time we only had rough ideas of who those artists would be. The pictures seen throughout the website are high-quality stock photos which take the place of what eventually will be the celebrities signed with ImmersiveX. Due to this website being a collaborative effort between multiple teams, it required many iterations to get exactly correct. Additionally, this website has new artists being added to it all the time which meant that a maintenance plan was put in place to keep everything up-to-date and ensure the eCommerce was running smoothly.

This website was designed so that it could be presented to the marketing/PR team of artists like Post Malone and Shania Twain and have them love it as much as our clients did. It had to be unique, clean, professional and stylish.

Developer Notes:

The main challenge with this website was creating a seamless checkout process for event tickets with price tags in the thousands. The checkout had to be as smooth as possible because avoiding customer fears during a purchase is key to increasing conversion rates for large sales such as these. Allowing easy contact to sales teams also ensures completed checkouts. The website has several contact forms to connect the customer to Immersive's large team. At no point will the customer ever feel confused, concerned or worried that they are being forgotten. When purchasing event tickets with a large price tag, constant communication with potential customers is a must. At the same time, the expensive advertising Immersive uses with Google, Facebook and Instagram cannot be wasted. Using tracking codes and analytics, this website captures every bit of traffic data and feeds it to the sales team.

The second challenge we faced was connecting all the remaining sales/customer data to salesforce to allow the sales team to follow through with each transaction. We use Zapier for this type of integration and so far it has been an amazing tool to bridge any gaps in the capabilities of the WebFlow platform. Despite is customization and magnificent design tools, WebFlow has some missing features and Zapier is the solution. From fully customized emails to using webhooks to bring data from the website to Salesforce, Zapier is a lifesaver. Being able to see data on the frontend (going to the website) and backend (completing a purchase) the Immersive team can increase their efficiency and keep their conversion rates high.