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un is the name of the game for Jeff McMullen. He has produced dozens of fitness workshops that any fitness instructor can put on for group classes. His website allows for easy access to each workshop while also acting as a business card for Jeff himself.

Why use a .pdf to advertise fitness workshops when a website can do the job in such a better more visual fashion?

Jeff McMullen's website shows that great photos and a passionate individual can go a long way in helping us make the website look fantastic. Jeff was deeply involved and offered a lot of guidance when it came to writing the fitness content.

Developer Notes:

This website was originally proposed as a much simpler concept, but was expanded upon when we were greeted with his immense photo collection taken by a very skillful Nike photographer: Mark Kuroda. The turnaround time for this project was six weeks. We wanted to create a story of who Jeff is and by extension showcase his workshops. Through a streamlined minimalist design, everything a visitor needs to know about Jeff can be found here. This design came from the concept of a business card, resume, gallery and PDF catalog all in one easy to navigate website. Now anyone looking to learn more about Jeff and by extension his fitness workshops can do so without requiring an uninspired LinkedIn page and bland PDF. We incorporated neon purples, pinks and teals with a cool blue and deep steel grey to stay fun, while remaining professional.

If your business has recently made a logo and taken professional photos, it may be time to start thinking about a website. Jeff contacted us as soon as his photos were done because he feared they would sit in a folder and be forgotten. Ensure your website takes full advantage of your branding otherwise it will become a wasted investment that customers won't get the chance to see.