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cAndrew was using WordPress to present their business and found the platform to be very limiting, slow and inefficient. We scrapped the old theme and provided a more minimalist look, highlighting written content and customer information.

A focus on conveying the right information to potential chiropractic patients.

Clean, smooth and modern in aesthetic, but simple and easy to use in practice. The large amount of content on the website allows Dr. John to shine in his local listings, competing with Chiropractors much larger than his practice.

Developer Notes:

We wanted Dr. McAndrew to have a website as sleek as his office. The Chiropractic office has a beautiful white theme with natural lighting and wood accents. This design was created to give the same experience of a Chiropractor who is professional and refined, without losing the open welcoming energy that makes Dr. McAndrew so unique. The overall project had a development time of six months.

Marketing Notes:

We employ an onsite blogging campaign as well as management of the Google Business page of McAndrew Chiropractic. With thorough research we aim to inform visitors of the benefits of the various Chiropractic services offer by this practice. In addition, we announce and market discount/specials being pushed by McAndrew Chiropractic yielding higher customer conversions.

ESO-EXO did an excellent job and since I've started using their marketing/SEO our daily calls have gone up to at least 1 a day. Would highly recommend for local businesses looking for more new clients.

John McAndrew, Owner