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aul Garcia came to us asking for a website to accompany the new firm he was launching to support a growing number of clients that were sending him tax and business documents. To avoid security issues and ensure each document made it to its destination safely, he asked us to create a website that could be foremost a landing page to drop off scanned documents as well as a site which increased his online presence. We were more than happy to oblige and were even able to launch the document uploads page long before the website was ready to reduce downtime and minimize disruptions of his business. He hired a separate graphic designer and we worked together to design a website Paul would be proud of.

Just because a website serves one purpose at launch, doesn't mean it can't fulfil future possibilities and roles down the line as the business expands.

After a month of drafts, we created a new website that showcased his brand and brand new tax/accounting business Office Guru. The website still features the solutions Paul was originally looking to showcase while also presenting a much more online presence for his brand and fledgling company. A sleek modern design with plenty of content ensures no potential customer will be confused, misinformed or lost in the shuffle of legal jargon accompanying Paul's industry.

Developer Notes:

A fairly straightforward website, as far as page selections go, with large amounts of personality and color. This website features a frequently asked questions page which we have been encouraging clients to implement to avoid emails and phone calls that can be answered easily. In the case of taxes and accounting, these range from documents needed to small legal questions. Moreover, the website was designed to feature a scheduler, contact form and the ability to toggle between office locations on a Google map. Integrated meta data and dedicated SEO content along with blogging will allow this website to initially have strong rankings to ensure the right Northern Colorado customers find the website.

I've always had a great relationship with Brandon and Eso-Exo. They practice true integrity with every project we've worked on together and I appreciate their sincerity. Brandon and his team work hard to make sure the website is exactly how you envisioned it.

Paul Garcia, Owner