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eefGodz is an online coral wholesaler which wanted to launch a full eCommerce website to more easily sell their inventory. Using PayPal, ReefGodz can sell to customers out of state instead of relying on their local (Los Angeles) customers only to move some of the more niche and expensive inventory.

A well organized eCommerce store for displaying the latest coral releases of ReefGodz while reaching audiences out-of-state.

ReefGodz was doing well in their respective market, but the inability to move some of their more rare corals was simply due to how large their marketing could reach. Without an online store, only Los Angeles customer could reasonably buy their coral. Now with Webflow, they are able to ship all over the country.

Developer Notes:

ReefGodz wanted something that felt exclusive and coveted, like their premium coral products. The concept for this website was to keep focus on the coral and nothing else. Everything this online store features is a stripped down version of what a much larger corporate website would look like. Due to the nature of ReefGodz main audience for these corals, the idea was to appeal to a select group of individuals. Instead of a wide demographic, this site was designed to be sent to specific people who qualified as warm or hot leads. Overall this project took eight weeks and presented the challenge of re-configuring how inventory was labelled and organized to allow for online sales in addition to brick-and-mortal sales.

This website is perfect for what we need. We are now able to sell our coral online super easily and update our inventory up with zero hassle. Give ESO-EXO a shot for eCommerce, they will not let you down.

Chris Todd, Owner