Soda Bossa

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his is a drink we've been familiar with for a long time and after a bit of persistence, we were able to help Soda Bossa revitalize their website in time for a new flavor launch. Their old website was only a single page and the eCommerce component was barely utilized. We instead focused on the brand, lifestyle and flavors, letting Amazon handle the eCommerce portion of the business. After carefully selecting the ideal photos and a bunch of media adjustments to make the flavors really pop, we designed a website that is sure to catch the eyes of investors and customers alike.

Sometimes it can be prudent to recognize what parts of the website can be streamline to make for a better user experience while focusing on what matters.

Developer Notes:

We knew that media would come first in this design. It took us days to scour through libraries of photos to find one that didn't feel generic and specifically looked for photos that exuded confidence. The drink was of course our focus, but like most soda websites, the lifestyle images are just as important. Matching media to messaging/branding is an integral part of website development. We then did a lot of photo and image editing work to ensure there wasn't a bunch of asset overlap with Amazon. This meant a lot of hours in photoshop. We believe it was worth it after seeing all of the assets come together. The last critical element was ensuring all users were subtly funneled to the product pages and from there, to Amazon. The best part of this website was migrating the owners of Soda Bossa away from WordPress and into Webflow where they could have much easier control over pictures and written content. Even adding their future flavors will be a breeze thanks to this redesign.