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his project was an absolute blast to work on. As a fan of eSports ourselves, this was truly a passion project for us. With plenty of creative input from their internal art team, we were able to create something truly striking and memorable for all that visit the website.

It's a great feeling to translate our love for video games into a powerfully fun website.

With more pages being added over the coming months, the website is designed to engage with the eSports community while also helping Splitgate gain notoriety.

Developer Notes:

Originally designed to be a landing page to entice investors, we started off with a single page website on WordPress. Once funding was secured and the video game team expanded, we were called upon to realize the full vision of Splitgate with Webflow. This was a collaborative effort between our designers and their art department. This was not our fist instance of working directly with other designers, so we were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the entire process was. The development period was only five weeks and contained many brainstorming sessions merging functionality with an engaging visual style. As their eSports department expanded, we added pages to focus on content creators and streamers.