The Painless Podiatrist

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octor Jon Williams has a long list of accomplishments outside of his nearly 30 year tenure as a podiatrist serving Camarillo. This amazing man has a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts and knows how to take care of veterans' needs as well as the podiatry needs of other members of his community. He came to us seeking a modern website due to how outdated and ugly his last website was. Like many of our clients, their previous experience with a web developer was less than stellar. We were able to adhere to his tight budget while also offering to consult on his brand new GoogleAds campaign.

It's quite remarkable how new demographics can be reached simply by creating a modern website design with complimentary online presence which represents your business better than a generic plain website template.

With careful guidance we were able to use Dr. Williams' vast podiatrist knowledge to create huge chunks of great content and then craft a website design which showcased just how experienced he was. Every service is brilliantly laid out for both existing demographics visiting his site as well as younger audiences.

Developer Notes:

The website was simple: create a more modern fresh look to the website to allow it to compete in a highly contested podiatrist market of Camarillo. The issue came in the form of a limited budget and the vastly larger podiatrist offices in the surrounding area. We took inspiration from these competitors while also allowing Dr. Williams' unique-ness, experience and perspective as a veteran to set him apart. He may be small in comparison, but the website is mighty. A single-page with accompanying blog was all we needed to convey how amazing this podiatry office was. The blog is written entirely by the doctor himself and the 30+ years of experience he has really shine through in almost every piece of content on the website.

Thank you so much for extraordinarily professional office web site development. A completely finished web site done quickly and, expertly. Easy for patients to navigate and with your research use of key words, top of search results. Most appreciate your competent assistance.

Dr. Jon H Williams DPM