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acos are not necessarily something a customer associates with websites, but when our founder Brandon first moved to Fort Collins CO, he was craving good tacos having gone to college in San Diego (a hub for great Mexican food.) At a food truck rally suggested by a friend, he discovered the Taco Stop. Their food truck delivered on the promise of "best tacos in Fort Collins." Brandon was immediately hooked on their authentic street tacos and followed the truck around wherever it went. He became frustrated however when the calendar on their self-made website was not updating properly causing him to lose track of where the truck was on a given day. This Wix website haunted Brandon and he constantly reminded the owners of the Taco Stop that they would eventually need to upgrade their website as they expanded their business. He kept in close contact and ate his weight in tacos over the next year.

From humble beginnings, The Taco Stop is owned by passionate Mexico City chefs trying to leave their mark on Fort Collins and we were happy to revel in that passion by cultivating a brilliant online presence.

The owners approached him with the proposition of revamping their website with the launch of their first brick and mortar restaurant. We were happy to obliged and despite COVID-19, we were able to get the website live to compliment the launch of their restaurant. This site also has a Weebly store we designed and implemented for online orders and delivery.

Developer Notes:

While sitting in the office eating the very food we were designing a website for, our designers decided to create a brilliant falling tortilla chip animation as the first element of the new website. This involved dumping a plate of chips on a desk and taking individual pictures of each chip. This was a bit of a double-edged sword because it caused us to be hungry every time we worked on the site from because the chips were always at the bottom of each page.

This was a very small part of the site and our main goal was to fix Brandon's original frustration which was making things as clear and easy as possible. With a larger than life menu to look through and a clear call-to-action through the online ordering, we were able to craft something really engaging. The online ordering system was designed and created through weebly, a website builder offered by Square, the Taco Stop's point of sale system. Now customers can enjoy a hassle free website that allows them to follow the truck easily and also be a part of what makes The Taco Stop so unique. We wanted to give a special thanks to Emma McGinnis, a local Fort Collins artist who created the Horsetooth Rock line art featured on the website. Her store can be found here.

Having Eso-Exo Web Development work on our website gave me some peace because I know it was made by a professional and he will be there to help with whatever we need.

Berenice Longoria, Owner