TJ Mauck - Filmmaker

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ravis Mauck is a brilliant director from Los Angeles who was our first customer of ESO-EXO. To honor his commitment to our company, we designed him a new website that exceeded his expectations within his smaller budget.

A simple journey through the works of Travis reveal just how extensive his artistic skill.

This portfolio website serves as a landing page for his information as well as a beautiful showcase of his work. From videos to photos, this website displays his entire body of work in a simple and elegant layout.

Developer Notes:

Travis, being the talented artist he is, came to us with a full design already realized in his mind. All we had to do was create what he explained and the total development time was only 4 week as a result. The unique grid design allows for information text to be hidden allowing for the full effect the video thumbnails give. The galleries were a much more tricky process requiring us to create a less traditional, masonry gallery. This allows for images to exist in their own aspect rations without the need to make standard thumbnail sizes. It creates a very unique visual design on all screen sizes.

These guys are awesome! The site turned out exactly how I wanted it.

Travis Mauck, Director