Wasewagan On The River

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asewagan is a Traditional Summer Camp serving Southern California that also serves as an ideal destination for group retreats, scout groups and wedding parties. Paired with an extensive Search Engine Optimization campaign spanning over 3 years, Wasewagan has seen an increase in its brand in Southern California and beyond with the overall attendance of its Summer Camps reaching an all time high last Summer.

Traditional values and great experiences translated through an easy to use website with plenty of pictures.

Recently, Wasewagan moved to online registration which has allowed for a much easier application process for parents normally forced to fill out PDFs. Less resistance to sign up has been met with high conversion rates of site traffic.

Developer Notes:

Originally we designed this website on WordPress in 2017. When our company switched to the Webflow platform in 2019, we began converting our legacy clients away from their old sites. At no cost to them, we replicated, reorganized and improved their website without changing its theme or functionality. The overall project took eight weeks to complete and includes several alterations to our first design. This website now includes a gallery, reorganized pages for better SEO and onsite blogging.

Marketing Notes:

Wasewagan was previously investing a great deal of their marketing budget into a Google AdWords campaign that was not returning their investment. We were able to save them on monthly costs while also watching a steady rise of about 20% of visitors each year. They have been able to maintain Google Keyword rankings and map positions (Southern California) of companies much larger than them and their analytics show a steady rise in visitor retention.

With so many different events and weekend getaways offered by Wasewagan, it is important to not only give each page the proper attention, but also allow customer to find the information they need quickly. From forms to galleries - this website is almost as rich as the camp experience itself is.